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"Albena Tour" organize excursions, thematic trips and activities, family and adventure tours in Bulgaria and Balkans.

Come with us to discover real Bulgaria, real people, real cultures & incredible real life experiences along the way.



Nessebar - "the town of the 40 churches", situated on a beautiful peninsula. It will charm you with the unique architecture of the family basilicas and houses. One of the oldest towns of Europe will impress you with its lovely atmosphere and many layers of cultural and historical heritage, dating back to Thracian times.

Price: 35 €/ adult & 18 €/ child (2-12 years)

Duration: 08.30 -18.30 h


Be the guests at house in the village of Solnik. A ride on donkey carts in the village. Lunch. The tourists take part in the reproduction of folklore rituals from this district. Lots of fun at the house of aunt Radka and her family. A trip on boats along the river Kamchia, which is part of the natural reserve of "Longoza".

Price: 40 €/ adult & 23 €/ child (2-12 years)

Duration: 09.00 -16.00 h


A panoramic trip on a yacht in the bay of Balchik. Lunch on a secluded beach. Fishing and entertainment. Price: 44 €/ adult & 23 €/ child (2-12 years)

Duration: 09.30 -17.00 h


Experience an extreme trip on military jeeps through the beautiful Batovo forest. Visit to a barrel master's house. Picnic. Visit to a beekeeper's house, honey and rakia tasting and many other surprises. Unforgettable experiences guaranteed!

Price: 44 €/ adult & 23 €/ child (2-12 years)

Duration: 09.30 -15.30 h




A visit to Aladga Monastery - the most popular rock monastery along the Bulgarian Black sea coast, dating back to the 13th-14th centuries AD. A visit to the "the Petrified Forest" - a unique natural phenomenon with no analogue in the whole world. A visit to one of the symbols of Varna - the cathedral "The Assumption of the Virgin", situated in the very center of the city. Free time in Varna - the sea capital of Bulgaria.

Price: 29 €/ adult & 16 €/ child (2-12 years)

Duration: 13.00 -19.00 h


A visit to the "Palace" area - the summer residence of the Romanian queen Maria, situated in a 10ha large park with more than 2000 species of flowers and cactuses.

A visit to Cape Kaliakra and a walk along the picturesque natural reserve, associated with many legends. On the way, visit to the Ethnographic House in Kavarna. On the way back to Albena - visit to the potter's workshop.

Price: 31 €/ adult & 16 €/ child (2-12 years)

Duration: 13.00 - 19.00 h


One of the best attractions the city of Varna offers to its guests is the Dolphinarium, the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. Within 45 minutes the intelligent dolphins will play, sing and dance for you. After the dolphin show with a smile on your face you will discover one of the best cities by the Black sea coast.

Price: 27 €/ adult & 19 €/ child (2-12 years)

Duration: 14.00 - 19.00 h


Departure to Dobrich, a town situated in the very heart of Dobroudja, also called the "granary" of Bulgaria. Visit to the Ethnographical House, which shows what the house of the average Bulgarian looked like during the period of transition from the Bulgarian Revival to the Modern times. Walk through the Architectural and Ethnographic Open-air Museum "The Old Dobrich". Visit to the exhibition hall "The archeology of Dobrudja" where you can see the oldest processed gold in the world. Free time in the shopping area.

Departure to the town of Balchik, called the "White Town", one of the oldest European towns. Visit to the architectural and park complex "The Palace" - the summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria. It tells the story of unusual love, which created a world of beauty and harmony. Be ready for a remarkable architecture, which combines plenty of cultural and religious influences, beautiful gardens, mystic senses, poesy and sea spirit. The "Palace" is situated in a 10 ha large botanical garden, the biggest one in the Balkans with more than 2000 species of flowers and cactuses.

Price: 28 €/ adult & 15 €/ child (2-12 years)

Duration: 13.00 - 19.30 h


Visit to "Varna winery", presentation of the technology for making the wine, viewing of the rooms used for aging and storage of the wine. Departure to Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria. Varna is the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, an important economic, transport, cultural and festival city. Visit the Roman Baths - the largest in the Balkans, built in the II century AD, which are spread over an area of 7000 square meters. Guests in the winery "Old Varna". Unique and authentic atmosphere of the winery tasting in Varna will experience the rich history and with it, you will be able to feel the bouquet of aromas and taste the best wines produced in our land of traditions.

Price: 29 €/ adult & 16 €/ child (2-12 years)

Duration: 13.30 - 19.30 h


The "Ali Baba" yacht is the largest and most convenient tourist boat on our coast. Traveling by bus to Balchik. Traveling along the Northern Black Sea Coast. The boat stops near Cape Kaliakra. Fishing, swimming, diving, music. Lunch with Bulgarian drinks based on the system All Inclusive: brandy, vodka, gin, mastic, mint, white wine, red wine, beer, soft drinks, mineral water.

Price: 33 €/ adult & 9 €/ child (2-12 years)

Duration: 08.45 - 13.30 h


An extreme route through the Batovo forest on a military jeep. Mushroom tasting at the fire and many other surprises! Unforgettable experiences guaranteed!

Price: 29 €/ adult & 16 €/ child (2-12 years) Duration: 09.00 -12.30 h


Sea battle between the two ships, animation program, pirate masquerade and entertainment, food and drinks on board.

Price: 33 €/ adult & 20 €/ child (2-12 years) Duration: 09.00 -13.30 h


Lovely evening at the "Walnuts" restaurant where you will enjoy an interesting folklore and variety programme. In the end you will have the chance to see the only one of its kind "fire walking". Lots of food and drinks from the Bulgarian national cuisine at your disposal.

Price: 31 €/ adult & 16 €/ child (2-12 years) Duration: 19.00 - 23.00 h



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